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Minechat for PC is an app where the people around the world, who plays Minecraft can connect with each other through messages. Another question What is Minecraft now? Here is the answer Minecraft is the game extremely famous among the kids is about placing the blocks and building new structures, rollercoasters, buildings, castle and what you can imagine. In this game, you can go for adventures. It has different themes you want to play. You can play this game as a single player or play it with friends online. This game is available to download. The recent news says that there are about 55 million users who play this game every month. And the company has sold about 122 million copies of the game.

Use of Minechat for PC | Playing Minecraft Online:

I have played this game myself for quite a few times. It is a real catch. I and my nephew sometimes spend hours building new structures, filling our inventories over the weekend. I sometimes play Minecraft online too. (NOTE: nephew too young to play online games with strangers. Too young if you understand what I mean) It is easy to communicate when you actually present in the same room. But when you play this game it is difficult to track the people and what they are up to or when they are coming online. MineChat for PC is an app that comes in handy in such situation. When I first heard about it, I was little apprehensive to try it. But friends recommended it and I downloaded it. Now, I can stay in touch with online Minecraft friends and we all plan together when we want to come online and play. Through this app, MineChat for PC, I have made few good friends over this simple but yet useful chat app.

Features of Minechat for PC Download Installation:

Minechat for PC has various other features than chatting with the online users. MineChat for PC, lets its users send the commands even when you are not online through your computer or Xbox. You get the alert about the any new feature available if there is any user that is stuck and needs help. MineChat is available to download with and without pay. The difference between the two version being that the paid version comes up with additional features such as you can get alerted with an unlimited number of words, there are buttons available to do the functions such as mute, ban, kick, tell. The user can also get the chat history in the mail. Security is one of the major concern for the user when using online games or apps that are associated with it.

So to talk about security, the app is totally safe to use. Users information is not shared with third party server as the app does not use any proxy. So guys just in case, even if you lose your cell phone, your information is safe. Another feature of the MineChat is the it lets the user advertise their service to other users. There are two different types of package available one is featured and other is promoted. In Promoted servers is a paid service where users pay $25 to advertise their server. The advertisement is available for other users to see and connect for 24 hours. In the Featured server, costs users $100 and the advertisement does not have an expiring date.

Minechat for PC Download Installation:

The available version of  MineChat for PC can be installed by using Android Emulator, very famous BlueStacks can be used to serve the purpose. I hope you all are aware of that. The first step will be to install BlueStacks App Player. Once you are done with the installing part, download the APK file of MineChat for PC.  After downloading the file open it by right clicking on it and run it. The android app is now successfully installed on your windows operating system and ready to use.

Conclusion of Minechat for PC:

Initially, MineChat was available for download only for mobile users. It was available for both windows and IOS phone. Earlier, the app was not available for the PC users. But launching a MineChat for PC would have been an additional star for the company.

Now the company has come up with the version that can be download for Mac and Windows. The version available can support all the versions of Minecraft of and above 1.6.4. Users can have an unlimited number of servers in their list. But there are certain things that need to considered while using MineChat on PC.

The app does not work if the server needs any type of client modification like Forgemodloader or another sample can be Tekkit. To protect your character to be killed when you start the app, MineChat sends the spawn command to protect your character. But not all the servers supports spawning in the sense that there is a delay and because of that your character maybe killed. So make sure your server supports spawning.