Kindle Touch Review

Enjoy the features that Kindle Touch offers. Featuring an excellent E Ink touch screen which reads like a genuine paper without glare, this device can be easily read in bright sunlight or in your living room. Kindle Touch also offers a user friendly touch interface which allows users to search, turn the pages as well as take notes quickly and easily. Its new sleek design features an 8% lighter or 7.5 ounces and 11% or 6 inches screen size, smaller body. Kindle Touch can store up to 3000 books which only mean that you can have lots of book choices to choose from. This device also offers a two month battery life so you can greatly enjoy the functionality of the device.

Kindle Touch features a special EasyReach feature that allows you to tap the device for it to turn into the next page without the need to swipe so that you can hold the device even with only one hand. Its fast wireless delivery allows you to find and read a book of your choice within 60 seconds and no computer is needed for you to do this.
At a price ranging from $90 to $100, you can already have the Kindle Touch to benefit from the features that it offers. Kindle Touch is surely worth an investment if you are looking for a device that does not only offer excellent features but also offers enjoyment to people when using it.

Its built-in Wi-Fi allows you to access the net and enjoy the benefits that it offers.

This device is ready to be used and there is no set up, computer and software needed for you to be able to use its features. Kindle Touch also offers eight different text sizes for you to choose which size suits your preferences. This device also presents an excellent processor that is tuned to provide seamless and fast page turns. With its text-to-speech feature, this device can read to you the content of the book that you are reading. With the features that Kindle Touch offers, you will surely love using this device.

Kindle Touch is a device with so much enjoyable and functional features to offer. One of it is its user-friendly touch screen with built-in Wi-Fi and audio. Through this feature, you can be assured that you will not have any problems when using this device. As it is able to store 3,000 books, you can have lots of books to choose from to read during your pastime.

It is also able to load the content that you are looking for within 60 seconds. Furthermore, it also offers a new X-ray feature which enables readers to look up interesting phrases, characters and historical figures. It can also read the content of the book that you are reading through its text-to-speech support. In general, Kindle Touch is a device that will not only offer entertainment but functionality at the same time.

If you still prefer device with keyboard on it, then this new Kindle Touch may not be suitable for your needs. It is also possible for it to get lots of fingerprints and smudges although this does not affect the efficiency of Kindle Touch. It also does not have any physical buttons for the page turns, which may be a negative side for some people. This device does not feature 3G so it is only limited to Wi-Fi. On the other hand, a lot of users stated in Kindle Touch reviews that this device offers excellent features they love to use.

Product Features

  1. Comes in a new sleek design
  2. Holds 3,000 books, 8% lighter and 11% smaller body
  3. Easy to use touch screen with built-in Wi-Fi and audio
  4. Offers mp3, audiobooks and text-to-speech support
  5. Can get book within 60 seconds through its built-in Wi-Fi
  6. Excellent E Ink display
  7. Special EasyReach touch features that allows readers to read books effortlessly with one hand
  8. Offers a new X-ray feature which enables readers to look up historical figures, characters as well as interesting phrases

Kindle Touch received 3, 238 customer reviews and was given an average rating of 3.9 stars out of five. 1,572 users rated this device as a 5 star product, 714 gave Kindle Touch 4 stars, 354 rated it as a 3 star product, 254 gave it 2 stars and 344 users gave Kindle Touch a single star.


Reading a Kindle Touch review will offer a lot of help to know more information about this excellent device. On the other hand, Kindle Touch has several and brilliant features to offer to suit your needs for an enjoyable and functional device. Kindle Touch features an excellent E Ink display, comes in a new sleek design, easy to use touch screen with built-ion Wi-Fi and audio as well as other features that you’ll definitely find extremely useful for your entertainment and needs.